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    Pav Bhaji Recipe

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    • Pav Bhaji Recipe
    • Pav bhaji masala is the blend that took Mumbai by storm. ‘Pav’ means a bun shaped home made bread. ‘Bhaji’ means mashed vegetables.It is incredibly tasty, nutritious, and also easy to make.The serving of pav bhaji consists of the bhaji (a potato based curry) and the pav (bread) garnished with coriander and chopped onions. Pav is a type of bread (if served with butter).
    Servings Prep Time Cook Time
    4 30minutes 25minutes




    1. Pressure cook potatoes, cauliflower, green peas, capsicum, carrot and mash well. Heat 2 tbsp butter in a pan, add onions & ginger-garlic paste, sauté for few minutes.
    2. Add tomato puree & sauté for a minute. Now add mashed vegetables, Jalani Pav-Bhaji Masala, salt & mix well. Cover & cook till the butter separates. Mash few times & mix well.
    3. Mix remaining butter, cover the pan and cook for another 5-6 minutes till the mixture thickens.
    4. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves & lemon wedges. Serve hot with buttered pav.

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