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    Pani Puri Recipe

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    • Pani Puri Recipe
    • Pani Puri are known as “Golgappas” in North India and “poochkas” in West Bengal. It is a very popular street food or chaat item in India. This snack is loved by both youngsters and adults.The crisp puris are stuffed with potatoes, moong sprouts/chickpeas and then filled with spicy chilled masala water and served.
    Servings Prep Time Cook Time
    4 10minutes 15minutes


    1. Take 1 liter of chilled water in a jug. Add 20 gm of Jalani Pani Puri Masala & stir well.
    2. To enhance the taste add Jalani Jaljira & garnish with Boondi & Mint Leaves.
    3. Now, water is ready to be served with Pani Puri’s.

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