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    Jalani Jaljira Recipe

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    Jalani Jaljira Recipe

    We are providing a tasty range of Jalani Jaljira, which is processed using supreme quality natural ingredients. Jalani Jaljira is a one spice multiple use.We offer finest and hygienic quality Jalani Jaljira to our customers which are situated all round the nation.

    Chatpata Chatakedar!!



    1. Mix 4-5 gm of Jalani Jaljira to a glass of water to make tangy and refreshing drink. Add sugar as per taste. Garnish with boondi, fried bread pieces etc. to have a relishing experience.

    2. Jalani Jaljira can be used with soft drinks like nimbu pani, cola, fruit juices, sugarcane juice, soup etc. to make them tasty and spicy.

    3. Sprinkle Jalani Jaljira on salad, fruits, raita, tikkas, pakoras, chat, bhel-puri, fried snacks like dal-mooth, chiwda, chips, dry fruits, boiled eggs, pudina-dhaniya-adrak chutney etc. to augment their taste and flavor.

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  1. Mukul Gupta April 26, 2018 at 1:49 pm

    I came across Jalani Jaljeera in a shop in Jaipur by chance and on impulse baught a small jar. Came back to Lucknow and I have created a recipe with jalani jaljeera that tastes wonderful. Add one large spoon of jaljeera in a glass, add half cup water, add 5 drops of green chilli sauce, mix well, Add two cubes of ice, slowly fill the glass with cold mountain dew. Serve with a slice of lime.
    I have tried this recipe with other brands of jaljeera but there is no match to Jalani Jaljeera
    Porf. Mukul Gupta,
    Director Ambalika Institute, Lucknow.

  2. hardik May 25, 2018 at 12:26 pm

    hi i find jalani jaljira is the best with green tea in hot water don’t need to add sugar or any thing else, just take green tea and add half packet of rs.1 pouch of jalani jaljira …. its a great taste…..try it….